Team Glider

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Team Glider

Art.-No: 226108

TECNOPRO's Team Glider is a great beginner kit for young cross-country skiers. This introductory set including skis, poles and bindings features a light and very durable Cap Construction with a wood core. As most Nordic Cruising skis, the Team Glider comes with a double-parabolic NC sidecut, which is wider in tip and tail as well as in the middle of the ski. If you're looking for an ideal starter set, the Team Glider for boys and girls is definitely a excellent choice. 

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Wood Core
Wood Core

NC Sidecut
NC Sidecut

The sidecut describes the shape of the ski’s edge.
NC Sidecut: Double parabolic shape, wider in tip and tail as well as in the middle of the ski, with narrow areas in between. Typical shape of Nordic Cruising skis, offering more stability and easy on- and off-track handling for leisure-oriented skiers.

CAP Construction
CAP Construction

Light and very durable construction with a structural cap wrapped around the core and its surrounding materials, including innovative variations with different reinforcing materials in various combinations and arrangements. 

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