Vision 100

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Vision 100

Art.-No: 282444

The Vision 100 is TECNOPRO’s lightest cross-country ski pole for intense racing workouts and competitions. The pole shaft is made of a composite material with 100% carbon, making it very stiff and lightweight with ideal swing weight for efficient pole plants and push-offs. The ergonomically shaped cork grip is also saving weight, in addition it’s comfortable, absorbs moisture, and offers a warm feel, even on cold days. It’s the ideal grip for powerful pole plants over long distances. The new Comfort Strap is designed to combine optimum performance with comfort. The width of the strap is individually adjustable for precise fit. The specific shape of the Comfort Strap offers great pole control and power transmission. The Vision 100 features a durable pole tip for all snow conditions and a responsive performance basket.

Available colors
Vision 100 050 black/219 orange
Available sizes
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130 135 140 145 150 155 160 165 170 175
Shaft material

100% Carbon

Grip material


Material tip



Basket: Racing


Strap: Comfort


Basket: Racing
Basket: Racing

With their combination of flexibility, pop and stability, our pole baskets support any running style from leisure to high performance.

Strap: Comfort
Strap: Comfort

New pre-formed strap for ultimate comfort and performance. The specific shape of the strap offers perfect pole control and maximum power transmission. The width is individually adaptable. The strap is available in different sizes.