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Art.-No: 274083

TECNOPRO's XR Dream is a girl's ski that boasts a lightweight Power Cap construction for optimum flex distribution and stability in any situation. The high molecular base results in low friction, making it easier to turn and generate good glide speed, while the Early Rise Rocker delivers great edge grip. The XR Dream features a mat topsheet. 

Available colors
XR DREAM 001 white/569 blue light
Available sizes
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70 80 90 100 110 120 130


Early Rise Rocker Technology
Early Rise Rocker Technology

The moderate elevation of both tip and tail results in a shorter effective length of the edge, which considerably eases the turn initiation. In addition, the construction offers more versatility on all snow conditions including soft snow as well as great edge grip in hard or icy conditions. Skis with Early Rise Rocker appear lighter and easier to carve.

Mat Topsheet
Mat Topsheet

Durable, matt topsheet.

High Molecular Base
High Molecular Base

Ski base with a good ability to absorb wax, which results in low friction on the snow. Skis with high molecular bases are easy to turn and generate good speed.

On piste
On piste

On piste skis are designed to perform best on groomed, hard packed slopes and even icy conditions. Sidecut, torsional stability, width under foot and the use of rocker technology make them perfect for ski-resort skiing and improving to next level.


Power CAP

A lightweight synthetic core featuring optimal flex distribution. The Power core boasts varying densities along the length of the ski for highest performance levels.


  1. Topsheet
  2. Fiberglass laminate
  3. Synflex core
  4. Fiberglass laminate
  5. Running base
  6. Steel edges